March 4, 2010

Bellydance Wednesdays

I was actually motivated the past couple days to get off my butt and off the computer and do belly-dance drills and move myself. So I found that Lady Gaga's Bad Romance is an excellent song for doing said drills to. So that was exciting, and plus I just love listening to Lady Gaga so, it all works out. So I got myself all pumped up during the day on Wednesday, I did my drills even though I would be doing some later and I felt pretty good, and all jazzed to go to dance. I get there and everyone was more like, "We don't feel like drilling today." So I am glad I did mine earlier! But they were all game for doing yoga.

So this week we did Power Yoga Stamina. Which let me tell you, is fast paced. And we have done this one once before, but I had to stop at points and I had to slow down at times...this week...I totally made it through!! I did the whole thing only have to rest at one point cause he went through a movement to fast. I was so proud of myself and I felt so great afterward. It was really nice. So I felt all proud and accomplished. So, yay! I hope this whole "feeling motivated" thing last for a while cause it's kinda nice, and gets me from just sitting on the computer all day and then feeling bad about it maybe I should stop sitting here writing I go!!

Happy Dancing!!