May 18, 2010

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows...for Glee!

Who here watches Glee?!?!? I do! I do!! I am a totally Gleek!! I know I am 25 years old, but back in high school I would have never tried out for our show choir, and they weren't as cool! Plus I have always loved musicals and this show is just fantastic!!

Every Tuesday night my best buds Kay and Michele come over and we have "Glee Night." We make dinner and have a good ol' time watching Glee. Mr. Shue is being called a slut, Rachel is having a hard time keeping a boyfriend cause she is a little crazy and poor Kurt makes me cry every week while he tries to find acceptance from his dad because he is gay. Oh, and Artie has the best voice hands down! :) It's a great show...but anyway.

This week I made a treat for the girlies, I made Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows!

Looks like the start of something delicious!

I was looking at some fun food blogs this morning and saw someone made some chocolate marshmallows and I thought "I am totally doing that for Glee tonight!" So here we are. I had a ton of left over colored sugar from my bridal shower I am always hoping to use them in some way, and they don't really come up too well on the chocolate but I still think it's look really cool, makes them sparkle.

So I did the normal double-bolier to melt the chocolate then just dipped the tops of the marshies in the chocolate and then pressed them into the sugar or sprinkles. Very simple and very pretty...and delicious!! Oh man a fresh dipped marshmallow in the warm chocolate...heaven! And I am not even a huge fan of eating straight up marshmallows, but dip them in chocolate! Ok!

Eat Drink and Be Merry....and watch Glee!! It's amazing!


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