July 24, 2010

Recommended Reading: Go Ask Alice

I stumble upon new books to read either by recommendations from friends or while browsing on Goodreads, or sometimes even from the back of current books I am reading they will list books that are similar to what you are reading, from teh same author or something from the same publishing company. That is how I found Go Ask Alice.

I will have a short review for a short book. Its only 224 pages but its full of emotion and tale of a young girl taken down the wrong path. I really enjoyed that this book was based off the actual diary of a young 15 year old girl. I like the intimate reading, like you stumbled upon someone's diary and you read into their everyday life. How real and raw it is. Every emotion they were feeling at certain points in their life, their real, true emotions. And you feel those emotions with the character, the real girl. You feel anguish and happiness, and sadness and despair. The epilogue really got me. How much this young girl went through in, what seemed like such a short amount of time. It is really amazing.

Happy Reading :)


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