July 29, 2010

Tea Time

During the cooler weather, or for some reason while killing zombies in Left 4 Dead 2 (I don't know why they go together) I can normally be found drinking a nice hot cup of tea. I thought I would post what my favorites are and maybe you guys can share your favorites with me (of course I think only my mom really looks at this and comments, so whatever :)) I find I am pretty picky about my tea, it has to have subtle flavor and be light and not overpowering. So here are some of my favorites!

My favorite tea at the moment is Bigelow Jasmine Green tea. I think I have always loved jasmine tea. Slightly floral but not over powering. And this tea is nice and light and makes me feel comfy cozy.

I haven't really tried any other Bigelow flavors but they have tons listed on their website and in stores. I think I am just picky and fearful of buying a tea I won't like and then being stuck with a whole box. But this Jasmine Green Tea doesn't disappoint!

My second favorite, if I am totally out of the Jasmine is Tazo Berry Blossom White. This tea is marvelous! It is a really light tasting tea and it has hints of blueberry and cranberry flavors. It is great!

I like the white tea, because of its light flavor and it not too overwhelmingly herbal. I enjoy herbal teas, but sometimes they can be over powering. This is tea is light and refreshing and great on a nice winter day, or night! Just the scent of the tea when you open up the tea bag brings you images of spring and gets your through the cold snow and blustery winds.

Another tea I used to drink when I would get migraines and headaches was Lipton Quietly Chamomile. This tea has a stronger flavor and is very floral and turns a lovely purplish color in your mug.
I don't drink this one too much anymore, unless I am totally out of any other teas. It does have quite a strong flavor and scent, but it did help my headaches a couple times, so I can't be mad at it. :)

If you enjoy a nice relaxing, decaffeinated tea, then this would be a nice choice. This tea has flavors of floral chamomile and hibiscus flower, which I think is a nice touch of flavor.

I recently tried a new Tazo tea and I am a little underwhelmed by it. I guess cause I read the description of it on the website and got kinda excited cause it sounded delicious, but I was a little disappointed. It said it should have had hints of peach and melon, I got none of that, it's ok. I drink it when I really have nothing else around, cause I have a whole box that I don't want wasted.

By the way, check out the Tazo website, its so fun and the have an application where you can get your tea leaves read, its ridiculous but fun! I just love the yogi guy they use, he is fun! :)

One of my favorite tea experiences so far has been going to the L'Amyx Tea Bar in Oakland, CA.

So many different kinds of loose teas to choose from and you got your own little cast iron tea pot and handmade pottery cup! Such extreme fun for me! I love that kind of stuff...it makes me happy :)
I had the Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea and I think it was epic. I should really order some...but it's kinda pricey for my taste.

I've had my share of not so good teas, but thankfully most of them have been tried at a friends house, which is a good way to taste teas without having to buy a whole box and be disappointed. I find Celestial Seasonings to be pretty hit or miss with me. I don't like the Chamomile tea but the Country Peach Passion was good if you don't let the tea bag sit in too long, otherwise it gets too sweet and then I can't really drink it. That's the other thing, I never add anything to my tea. No honey, no sugar, just natural and delicious, the way I think it should be.

For me tea is relaxing and soothing and can really be a cure-all sometimes, depending on how you are feeling that day. Tea is great for colds and sore throats. It can help with headaches and muscle tension, it just relaxes you and makes you feel good. And how could something so natural, completely made from herbs and plants be bad?!

Well, I am gonna go refill my tea and I hope maybe I gave you some new teas to try out and maybe you can suggest some to me!

Eat, Drink and Be Merry...and have tea party!


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  1. There are so many teas out there and yet every morning I drink Salada or Lipton. Maybe a basket for my birthday or Mother's day with different teas would be a thought. To bad no one but you will see this comment but I am not just directing this at you. I would just like to try some different teas.