April 1, 2010

Books to Check Out

Wow, I haven't posted anything in 2 weeks! I haven't really made anything that creative I guess so I just was posting a lot and took a break, I don't know. But this time around I am gonna talk to you about some books that I thought were great and really interesting.

I am recomm
ending the Hunger Games series. It's a teen series, but that doesn't matter cause I still think its a great series and you can really get into the characters and the story, and I started to almost get emotionally attached to the characters as I read these books. Right now there are only 2 books out, but #3 is coming out in August, which I can't wait for!

The first book in the series is The Hunger Games. Basically this is set in post-apocalyptic times, and there are 12 districts left and every year there is a drawing, called a "reaping" where one boy and one girl tribute is chosen to fight it out in the Hunger Games. Basically, this boy and girl from each district are literally fighting to the death so their family can have food and can live in these tough times. These "Hunger Games" are televised and the families get to watch as their son or daughter gets killed off for the fight of food and their families protection. You get emotionally connected to the main character Katniss, she is a stong young woman, only 15 or 16 and she volunteers to take her sister's place in the games, after her younger sister's name is called in the reaping. It's all about her survival in the games, and how they change the rules...and well, I am not gonna tell you everything.

I just read the 2nd book in the series Catching Fire. This book was great! Even more emotional driven, for me anyway. I would text my friend Michele, who has read these, and I would tell her how attached I was and how I wanted to cry at points...haha. But this book really was a page turner for me, because there are twists and turns you don't see coming until more than halfway through the book where you didn't think things were going to happen because you thought she wouldn't have to do certain things...I don't want to ruin anything!!

The next book in the series, Mockingjay, doesn't come out until August, and that is gonna be a long wait!! These books just tend to end with a good cliffhanger and now you have to wait months until it's even release! Torture I tell you!!

I just though
t these were fun books, and they were page turners for me because of the emotional connection I had and the adventure and survival details. I think these books are great.

Happy Reading!


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