April 2, 2010

Gorgeous Day for a Picnic and the Best Sammich Ever!

So today was a beautiful, gorgeous day in Cleveland and the hubs was supposed to have a half day, because of Easter, but he decided to take the whole day off and we were going on a picnic! We love going down to Edgewater Park and sitting under a nice tree and having some good eats. The other night I had a "family" dinner with some friends and I picked up some Focaccia Bread from Blackbird Baking. Oh. My. Goodness. This bread is amazing!! It's real simple with just rosemary and some coarse salt on the top, but its so airy and had a nice butteriness to the crust. We just pulled it apart and had chunks with dinner but I thought it would make a great sammich! I always get this sandwich from Panera, the Sierra Turkey, and it comes on an Asiago Focaccia, and it's very good. So I took the idea of using this bread from that sandwich.

I got some Cajun seasoned Turkey from our local store and got some nice Spring Mix lettuce, provolone cheese and a little bit of mayo...and I kid you not...best sammich ever made!!! The bread has the nice saltiness from the coarse salt on top, and the turkey had nice spice and the lettuce was a nice cooling crunch.
This sammich was huge too. I wanted to get a small focaccia but they only had the larger loaf left, so I made a huge sammich for us. I only ate half of mine, gonna take the rest for a nice lunch for work. We made a simple picnic with some deviled eggs (made from the Easter eggs we dyed this morning), Sun Chips (who has a new compostable bag), and Vitamin Water and got some very good brownies from Blackbird as well.

It was a great day! Very relaxing laying on our blanket after our feast and just feeling the wind...so nice. I am thinking I may have to make another one of these sammiches if we go to Blossom for some concerts with my parents...hmmmm :) Hope you all got to enjoy your day too!! Hope your weather was just as nice!

Eat, Drink and Be Merry...and go on a picnic!



  1. that focaccia bread was so yummy.... i love your sammich idea! it sounds and looks delicious! ~Kristin W.