February 23, 2010

Adventures in Food Photography

So with the help of Dan, my hubsie, we tested out lighting and placement and figure out what we need to capture some nice food photography. Of course this was after dinner so we had a bowl of pretzels to work with. What we need was to find a way to position the lights, since I am having to take pictures when it is dark out and cannot use the natural lighting, and we need to find a way to have a solid background. We are gonna pick up some poster board or foam core for the backdrop and we have some ghetto lighting rigged up, but it works.

Here is the final result!

Not too shabby!! We used a white towel for the backdrop and foreground, but it shows a bit too much texture, so we are gonna have to go and get the poster board like I said. But I think we are well on our way! Now I feel capable of helping my friend Lynds with maybe taking pictures of her cupcakes!

Thanks for the help babes!

Happy Adventuring!!

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