February 19, 2010


So, I haven't really decided what this blog is gonna be. I think I am just excited to have started one and this is fun right now. So on Wednesday I have belly-dance work-out classes with some of my friends. We used to take classes in Elyria with a teacher, but she moved on and we were left to ourselves, so we started our own class. It's been on and off but one of the girls is getting married and wanted us to perform, so here we are dancing again!

So we always start with Yoga first and it can be any different kind of yoga. This week we did Abs Yoga...ow! Pretty much, lying on your back lifting your legs up straight using your abs and then lower them back to the ground slowly. Over and over and over and over and over...omg! But it's nice for me, being a chubbier girl to know that I have abs under there!! I have been feeling them now for 2 days...they are sore but happy!

After we do yoga we do about and hour and a half of belly-dance. We drill the movements and do arms and shoulder work and lots of hips, locking and shimmies. We get sweaty! And then we always finish with some PM Yoga which is a great cool down and it stretches and relaxes the body after all the work we did...it's great!

I usually always feel "blah" about going to belly-dance every week, but once I get there and after the yoga I feel better about it. Cause I know my body needs to move cause it's just sits and doesn't move all week...haha...my bad. So this week was fun and I love doing the yoga!!

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