August 5, 2010

Recommended Reading: Touch Novels

Psychometry: a form of psychic reading in which an individual claims to obtain details about another through touch. Either touching that person, or that person possessions.

I know I am just reading teen books again, but I thought these books were brilliant. I was on my toes, and actually scared at times while reading them, and I felt for the character...I thought she was stupid at times but otherwise I was scared for her and a concerned.

The first book is Deadly Little Secret. It centers around the characters Camelia and Ben. Ben is new to school, but has a reputation that proceeds him. He is thought to have killed his ex-girlfriend in his old town, but after saving Cameila's life, she is strangely drawn to him, especially after the way he touched her. Ben is psychometic and can see things by touching a person or object. When he first touched Cameila he knew she was in danger.

Cameila begins receiving threats and being followed and watched everywhere she goes. Her friends suspect Ben, but Cameila knows he wouldn't never hurt her. This book literally sent chills up my spine and had me turning page after page. I was hooked on the story.

The second book in the series is Deadly Little Lies. This book did the same thing to me that the first one did. It gave me chills, I felt scared and I was really into the story, another page turner.

Ben left after Cameila was safe in the last book but is coming back to school after his break...and it seems he wants nothing to do with her, until she starts seeing someone else, Adam. Again, she also starts receiving threats and being followed and watched and she has a found a new affinity for creating pottery sculptures that have to do with an event in real life. She wonders if this psychometry can be transferred from person to person, but soon finds out it could be hereditary.

There is a third book coming out in December called Deadly Little Games. I can't wait!!

I did find her 2 best friends in the book to be rather obnoxious and almost unnecessary. But overall I think these books were great. A fast read full of twists and turns and scary situations. I thought they were great!

Happy Reading!


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