August 24, 2010

Relaxing Day - Erie Island Coffee Company

Today, instead of sitting the in living room or on the balcony reading a book like I would normally do I decided to take a nice leisurely walk down to Erie Island and have a nice cup of tea there and read.

Iced Mochas at Erie Island

The Hubs and I had been there before and we got Iced Mochas and he also tried their Peanut Butter Mocha and those were great, and I noticed they had a bunch of loose teas available too, so I thought I would try that out today since its getting closer to fall and I love a hot cup of tea. They have many different kinds from plain green tea, to a "tummy tamer" and a summer berry, but I was interested in the Strawberry White Tea. Let me tell you it was good choice!

Strawberry White Tea, a good book and great atmosphere
what more could you want?

It was a nice light tea with great strawberry flavor, I wish they sold it in tins or something, I would have grabbed some for home. I mean you can't beat $1.90 for a large mug with as many hot water refills that you want, you can't go wrong! I had a nice relaxing time people watching, reading my book and looking over at the cliche' coffeeshop blogger sitting next to me...I love that stuff! So fun!

But anyway! If you are ever in the Rocky River area, or down near E. 4th downtown, you can hit up an Erie Island Coffee Company for your favorite coffee or tea. They have the latte artists at the E. 4th location, you know, they when the pour in the milk to your latte the can make hearts or leaves with the fun! I want to go there just to get a latte with a freaking heart on it! I am so lame.

They make their teabags for each cup of tea at Erie Island

Just wanted to share my nice day that I had for myself and I hope you get to check them out and relax with a good book and nice cup of coffee or tea. Its so fun!



I concocted a new drink at Erie Island today...and fun enough the sign outside said "Please come in and we'll help you make your own signature drink" They knew I was coming. I made a Cinnamon Mocha. They just add cinnamon syrup to your mocha but it made it nice and warm and earthy, very fall-like! They should totally put it on their menu!

Cinnamon Mocha and the Hubsie's Peanut Butter Mocha
Enjoying the lovely cool weather on their outside patio
September 6, 2010

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